‘Bachelorette’ Star Insists He Didn’t Fake His Own Death After Internet Hoax

Former “Bachelorette” alum Josh Seiter insisted Tuesday that he didn’t fake his own death after a death announcement was posted to his Instagram account Monday.

Seiter’s fans were stunned to discover a statement seemingly confirming his death on his Instagram page Monday and even more surprised when Seiter surfaced online Tuesday alive and well. The former reality television star posted a video to prove he was alive and said he was the victim of a death hoax. Critics accused him of faking his own death, something he has vehemently denied.

“As you can see I am alive and well- um, my account was hacked for the last 24 hours, I’ve been trying desperately to get into it,” Seiter said. “Um, somebody was playing a cruel joke and mocking my mental illness and the struggles I’ve gone through with depression and suicide attempts, and I’m sorry for all the pain they caused when they made that post.”

He wore a vibrant blue shirt and stared right into the camera as he clarified his version of events to his fans and followers.

“Um, I just got back into my account. I’m going to do all I can with my team to try and identify who is behind this,” he said. “But, again, I apologize for the confusion and I will update you guys as more facts come in.” (RELATED: REPORT: : Model And Influencer Dead At 31)

Seiter’s story wasn’t believed by everyone.

His former romantic partner and “RuPaul’s Drag Race” alum Monica Beverly Hillz accused him of orchestrating the death hoax himself, according to Page Six.

The star accepted interviews with various news outlets to discuss the situation and set the record straight.

“I didn’t fake my death and I never would,” he said, according to a Page Six report published Wednesday.

He reiterated that he is the “victim of a hack.”