Female Comedian Who Rejected Russell Brand Defends Him Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

Comedian Samantha Pressdee defended Russell Brand on social media Sept. 16, saying she once turned down sex with him without incident.

Four women came forward in mid-September alleging the famous comedian had sexually assaulted and, in at least one alleged case, raped them. “In 2006 I refused to have sex with Russell Brand. I was in his London flat. There was a lot of heavy petting and we were both down to our pants,” Pressdee said in a statement on Twitter.

“He didn’t pressure me when I said no. He wasn’t angry or abusive,” she continued.

Pressdee wrote about her past personal encounter with Brand, saying he didn’t exhibit any behavior that would suggest he was an alleged predator.

“Everything that happened was consensual. I stayed the night in his flat and felt safe,” she wrote.

Pressdee went on to defend the famous comedian’s character: “I have had countless non sexual and respectful encounters with him since.”

She then gave another example to highlight Brand’s alleged approach in intimate moments.

“I had a friend who was invited over to his flat around 2014/ 2015. She also refused sex. She didn’t have a problem with him,” she wrote. “So based on my own experience (and I am a sexual assault survivor myself -UNRELATED) I find these rumours hard to believe.”

“The entertainment industry is a cesspit of spiteful, manipulative, envious and opportunistic people,” Pressdee added. (RELATED: Russell Brand’s Accuser Shares Letter Written After Alleged Assault) 

She cast a shadow of doubt on the alleged victims’ narrative. “These women apparently only came forward after being approached by journalists,” she wrote. “Innocent until proven guilty.”

Brand continues to deny all allegations made against him.