Hailey Bieber Makes Embarrassing Mistake, And Fans Are Roasting Her For It

Hailey Bieber’s fans are roasting her after the supermodel revealed in an embarrassing social media post she did not know Alaska was part of the United States.

The famous wife of Justin Bieber was promoting the newest line from her Rhode Skincare company Sunday on Instagram. She replied to a user who asked if her products shipped to Alaska.

“Our team is working hard to have Rhode available in additional countries soon! Stay tuned for more updates to come,” Bieber responded.

Fans are now roasting the star relentlessly for the geographical blunder.


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Some rushed to remind her Alaska was not a separate country, in an effort to help the star correct her mistake. Others immediately laced into the supermodel and began trashing her for messing up information about her own country.

“Alaska is in the USA,’ one fan wrote with laughing emojis sprawled around the message.

“Hahahah this is hilarious, Alaska is USA lol. Definitely ignorance is bliss,” another user said. (RELATED: Hailey Bieber Admits Online Trolls Have Caused Her To Pause Pregnancy Plans)

Bieber seemed to skip entirely past the embarrassing mistake altogether by refusing to respond to it at all. Interestingly, she also hasn’t deleted the mistake from her social media account, leading some to believe she may not have seen the comments and might not be aware of the error.

The 26-year-old model promoted her new line by posing in a 60s-inspired bikini with a checkered bra on top. She stood in front of a red corvette with a “Rhode” license plate.