Halle Berry Finalizes Divorce From Olivier Martinez After Eight Years

Actress Halle Berry on Tuesday finalized her divorce from Olivier Martinez by coming to an agreement in Los Angeles Superior Court, following eight years of legal battles.

Berry and Martinez filed for divorce in 2015 after two years of marriage, but they were unable to resolve their custody issues which effectively held up the progression of their annulment, according to Page Six. Martinez was Berry’s third husband.

The Oscar-winning actress has agreed to pay $8,000 a month in child support to Martinez for their nine-year-old son, Maceo. She will also continue to pay Martinez 4.3% of her income above $2 million in “additional child support,” according to an April court order cited by the outlet.

Berry is also responsible for paying for Maceo’s “private school tuition, school uniforms, and school supplies,” but the payments will go directly to the school institution rather than filter through Martinez, Page Six reported. Berry, 57, is going to be financially on the hook for all of Maceo’s extracurricular activities, and will be forced to reimburse Martinez for the 2023-24 school year that he’d already paid for.

The actress will also pay for her son’s health insurance and all medical costs that are uninsured, Page Six reported. She additionally agreed to pay $55,000 for Martinez’ attorney’s fees.

Both Martinez and Berry will share joint custody of their son, the court documents indicated, according to the outlet. (RELATED: ‘Sh*t Happens’: Britney Spears’ Husband Breaks Silence After Filing For Divorce)

The couple has been balancing a joint-custody agreement on their own for several years, and will continue to accommodate one another’s schedules in the best interests of their child.