It Would Be Outrageous If Striking Actors And Writers Receive Taxpayers’ Money. Well, It’s Happening

A bunch of greedy, overpaid writers and glorified court jesters (actors) might get their hands on taxpayer money thanks to a decision by California’s state senate Thursday. But in New York and New Jersey, it’s already happening.

In a vote of 27-12, the Golden State Senate passed Bill 799, which would allow those on strike to collect up to $450 a week in unemployment insurance benefits, according to Deadline. Ultimately, it’s up to Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom to sign the bill into law, but my goodness, let’s hope he doesn’t. That way, these writers and actors can grow up and find out how hard the real world is for those of us outside of Tinseltown.

Apparently a similar bill was proposed in 2019 but failed in the senate by just two votes.

And, unbeknownst to almost everyone, striking actors and writers in New York and New Jersey are already being paid to do absolutely nothing except scream about how they deserve more money for helping no one and doing nothing to further the human species.

If it weren’t so painfully true, it feels almost laughable that hard-working Americans are currently footing the bill for Hollywood’s greed-derived temper tantrum. (RELATED: Andrew Schulz Delivers The Deadliest Blow To Hollywood In The Form Of A Twitter Analysis)

Is this really the place we’re at in the modern world? The court jesters are taking our money while our children’s teachers can barely afford to eat. This is the America we live in right now, and something has to change. If not, the entire idea this country was built upon will crumble into a brief moment in history.