Real Or Fake? Paige Spiranac Shares ‘Huge’ News About Her Boobs

Paige Spiranac posted a video to her Instagram story Monday letting fans in on ‘huge’ news about her boobs.

The rumor mill gets a rest today now that Spiranac confirmed that her breasts are, in fact, real. The pro golfer and influencer took part in a question and answer segment with her fans and explained the difference in her breast size when comparing photographs from her younger years to images of her today. Her breasts are significantly larger now, but she insists it’s all natural in a video you can see here.

The conversation began when one fan asked the 30-yaer-old bombshell if her bust-size was “always that big.” Spiranac started off with a flirty giggle, then dove right in with an explanation.

“This is actually a really popular question from when I was doing the throwback stories a couple days ago and people were like, your body looks different, and they look small,” Spiranac said. Images of her younger years showcased a much smaller breast size than what fans are seeing today.

“I’m like well yeah,” she giggled.

“I weighed significantly less and since they are real, they change depending on weight loss and weight gain and so since I have gained more weight they have gotten bigger and also being on birth control, I wasn’t on birth control back then,” Spiranac told her fans. (RELATED: Kylie Jenner Admits To Plastic Surgery, Shares Regrets)

She continued to defend herself against plastic surgery rumors by giving fans more insight.

“There are all kinds of changes — hormonal weight gain that makes them change size,” she said.

“TMI, but during my cycle they get bigger or smaller. And yes, body changes, and they change and I just… I just like to show them!” she said.