Rumors Circulate Britney Spears Is Dating An Alleged Criminal

Britney Spears is rumored to be dating Paul Richard Soliz, her former housekeeper — and an alleged criminal.

Unnamed sources close to the pop icon confirmed 41-year-old Spears has been romantically involved with the ex-convict amid her divorce from Sam Asghari, Page Six reported Thursday. Still, a second insider insisted Spears did not cheat on Asghari and that the dating rumors with Soliz are “false,” according to the outlet.

Soliz has a criminal history, according to records cited by Us Weekly. His past charges include disturbing the peace and child endangerment. He’s also been charged with felony possession of a firearm and driving without a license, the outlet reported. The child endangerment charge was dismissed in 2014, according to Page Six.

A source came forward to address the dating rumors to Daily Mail, and was adamant Spears did not begin dating Soliz until she had split from Asghari. Spears “no longer has any communication” with Soliz after learning about his criminal history, the outlet reported.

Insiders with knowledge of the matter have speculated the pair is not together at the moment due to the fact that Spears traveled to Mexico, and Soliz is unable to travel out of the United States as a result of his legal issues, according to Page Six.

Rumors linking Spears and Soliz date as far back as August, when it was reported that Spears was spending increased amounts of time with Soliz, who had been hired to work with her for roughly a year. It was reported that he was hired to “clean toilets, mop floors and pick up trash” at the pop star’s California residence.

It remains unclear whether Soliz remains employed by Spears. (RELATED: Britney Spears Wasted No Time Frolicking With A Group Of Men Post-Divorce Filing)

Reporters caught up with Soliz while he attended court Monday for allegedly violating probation, Us Weekly reported.

Soliz referred to Spears as a “phenomenal woman,” according to the outlet. “She’s a very, very good, positive … she’s a good person.” He told the outlet he still sees the pop star.