Rumors Swirl About Morgan Wallen Drinking Away His Profits

Morgan Wallen’s friends are concerned he’s about to drink away his career, right as he gets it back on track, RadarOnline reported Friday.

The country superstar is apparently set to open his own bar and possible music venue in Nashville, Tennessee, but Wallen’s friends allegedly told Radar they’re worried about his drinking habits. In fact, they are so worried, they think Wallen might also drink away all of his profits before he can really enjoy them.

Insiders claimed Wallen wants to be a permanent fixture at his new establishment, according to RadarOnline. While a lot of artists own their own bars in Nashville, we’d be surprised if they frequented their namesakes more than once a year, if that.

Having Wallen hang out at his own bar would certainly be a huge pull for tourists and locals alike. But if these statements are true, Wallen clearly has no idea how stressful, exhausting, and bad for his health such a decision would be. (RELATED: Drunk Girl Goes Viral For Thinking She Spent The Night With Morgan Wallen)

But Wallen’s friends reportedly voiced concerns that having him pitch up at the bar would lead him back to his old drinking habits, which almost got his entire career derailed back in 2021. He spent 30 days in rehab for alcohol consumption following the incident and seemed to absolutely skyrocket once he cleaned up his act.