Russell Brand’s Accuser Shares Letter Written After Alleged Assault

One of Russell Brand’s sexual assault accusers, known only as Nadia, has released a letter she says she wrote to Brand after he allegedly raped her.

The emotional note was written as an outlet for Nadia’s emotions, and was intended to open Brand’s eyes to the pain he had caused her, according to a Sunday Times article published Saturday. “Do you know what you put me through? My body through? My emotions and body are turned upside down,” she reportedly wrote.

“You scared the shit out of me on July 1st, I thought in any situation I would be strong enough to fight someone off,” Nadia’s letter continued, per the outlet. “But when it’s someone you know, you don’t expect to be put in that position. You completely broke me down.”

She went on to write that she was “completely disgusted” with how Brand treated her and reported feeling “sad” that she had misplaced her trust in him, according to The Sunday Times.

“Do you even know how scary you are when that glazed look comes over you? I didn’t see the fun loving guy in front of me, I saw a man who couldn’t control himself and the word NO is more of a challenge than a command,” she added, according to the outlet.

Nadia noted that she now questions her previous decision not to press charges or release Brand’s name when speaking with representatives at a rape treatment center, according to the Sunday Times. (RELATED: Danny Masterson Receives Maximum Sentence In Rape Case)

Nadia is one of four women who have come forward accusing Brand of rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse, with alleged incidents dating as far back as 2006.

Brand has vehemently denied all allegations made against him.

The story continues to develop.