’Surreal’: Joey Fatone Reacts To VMAs Reunion, First Single In Over 20 Years

Joey Fatone revealed at 90s Con Florida that he had fun when *NSYNC reunited at the VMAs, which built anticipation among fans to the group’s upcoming single on Sept. 29.

The former *NSYNC member reacted to the group’s reunion at the VMAs last Tuesday. “MTV Awards was really cool. It was fun for me and the guys to get back together. It was surreal in the sense of we kind of just stepped back from each other. Literally, we fell into place,” Fatone said, as reported by People.

The group announced last week that they will be dropping a new single titled “Better Place,” which will be featured on Justin Timberlake‘s animated musical film “Trolls Band Together.”

We’re excited for *NSYNC to come out with a song, which is crazy to say after 25 years,” Fatone said. “And no, I don’t know if there is a tour! If the fans want it that much yell at the companies, yell at Sony, yell at them.” (RELATED: From Censorship, To A Stage Collapse — Here Are All The Strange Things That Happened At The VMA’s)

It’s been a whopping twenty years since *NSYNC dropped new music. Following a string of chart-topping hits, the band’s fourth and final album, “Celebrity,” was released in 2001. In the year that followed, *NSYNC decided to go on hiatus, coinciding with Justin Timberlake’s Grammy-winning solo debut album, “Justified.”