Susan Sarandon Reveals Wild Details Of Her Wedding Day

Actress Susan Sarandon revealed the chaotic family drama that unfolded on her wedding day during an appearance on her ex-husband Chris Sarandon’s podcast Tuesday.

The wild ceremony featured Sarandon’s pregnant 44-year-old mother, who apparently didn’t approve of the marriage, she told Chris during a taping of his show “Cooking By Heart.” Despite the fact that her parents “loved Chris,” her mother still forbade the nuptials, apparently because she was embarrassed about her pregnancy. (RELATED: ‘Never Thought I’d Get Married’: Kristin Chenoweth Describes Her Unusual Wedding Dress Choice)

“I think she was embarrassed, she was 44, and she didn’t say that. She just said, ‘No, now you can’t get married.’ And I was like ‘Uh well can we just do a little tiny…’ ‘No if I say you can’t get married you can’t get married,’” the Bull Durham actress said. “My father on the other hand did not take that, so you know what happens then, there’s this huge schism across the aisles.”

She also detailed her younger brother’s scandalous behavior. 

None of my siblings could come except my brother, that’s right under me, who insisted upon coming,” she explained. “He insisted upon coming and luckily hooked up with one of the bridesmaids so it was a very successful trip.” 

The pair divorced in 1979, but gushed about each other on the podcast, with Susan crediting Chris for much of her personal development.

When I met Chris I thought, and correctly so, that he knew everything. Because he took me to black and white movies and introduced me to literature and basically saved my life, actually, with his kindness,” she said.

Sarandon has sparked political backlash in recent years, and was a vocal critic of former President Donald Trump’s administration. In 2022, she apologized for an “insensitive and deeply disrespectful” meme over slain New York Police Officer Jason Rivera’s funeral implying cops are “not needed any day.”