Tori Spelling Leaves Hospital Covered In Bruises

Famous “Beverly Hills 90210” actress Tori Spelling left the hospital after four days covered in mysterious bruises, photos and video shared by Page Six show.

Onlookers spotted Spelling as she was discharged from a Los Angeles-area hospital Sunday, according to Page Six. The actress had previously posted an image of her hospital wristband to her Instagram account, which showed she’d been admitted to the emergency room Aug. 17. Paparazzi photographed Spelling as she exited the hospital in a wheelchair with what appeared to be bruises on her face and both arms.

The famous actress wore casual clothing and seemingly no makeup on her face. Her long blond hair was disheveled and she had a scrunchie wrapped around her wrist. Spelling appeared downcast and unsteady, and seemed to require assistance getting out of the wheelchair and into the awaiting black SUV, according to footage shared by Page Six.

A masked female, seemingly a nurse, helped usher Spelling into the back seat of the vehicle. Spelling leaned in and gave her a hug before the woman departed.

Spelling shared the news of her hospital stay on social media alongside an image of an IV in her arm, but she did not disclose her condition, nor did she mention the symptoms that apparently led her to seek professional medical care. (RELATED: Tori Spelling Reveals She Should Have Had Sex With Ryan Seacrest, But Didn’t)

Spelling disclosed in May that she and her children were exposed to mold in their rental home, and said they all required hospitalization to overcome a series of ailments related to the mold exposure. It is not yet clear if Spelling’s recent hospital stay is in any way related to that particular incident.