Vanderpump Rules Movie Star Tom Sandoval Tries To Tame Unruly Guest At Formal Event

Hollywood actor Tom Sandoval tried to intervene when a rowdy guest began causing a ruckus at a lavish event Friday night.

Sandoval, the 41-year-old star of the Bravo TV series “Vanderpump Rules” (VPR) pursued the unruly man that was humming drinks across the venue of the formal gathering — but a security guard evidently beat the actor to the punch, according to footage of the event from a Friday TikTok post:

@themeganplays Omg sorry the last vixeo added a aound?! I hope #vpr fans see this ? #vanderpump #vanderpumprules #bravo #scandoval ♬ original sound – MeganPlays

The video shared by TikTok user Megan Plays shows the seemingly sporadic man sporting a gold blazer intentionally letting beverages fly as apart of the outburst. (RELATED: Man Allegedly Shot Bargoer After Buying Him A Drink)

The man is then seen wielding a chair in the seconds leading up to being sought out by both Sandoval and security — with the latter being the agent that ultimately detained and forcefully escorted the unruly guest out.

The details as to why Sandoval stepped in remain unclear.

Page Six reported that the TikTok user that initially posted the clip clarified in a Saturday follow-up post that Sandoval went out of his way to insert himself into the chaos.

“I don’t think Sandoval was initially involved in the fight, that’s not what it seemed like,” Plays remarked in the more recent post. Plays further clarified in text embedded in the post that “[t]he guy was not attacking Sandoval! Sorry for the confusion!!” (RELATED: A-Listers Are Lining Up To Leave Hollywood. Why?)

@themeganplays Replying to @MeganPlays #vanderpump #scandoval #vpr #vanderpumprules ♬ original sound – MeganPlays

The TikToker told followers that the brawl took place while the cast for the reality TV show VPR was filming for its upcoming Season 11 — saying others were speculating that the disruptor “just wanted to be on TV… any chance he got.”

Plays recalled that the man picked up a vase of flowers and chucked it at security before her camera began rolling. From there, he went on to latch onto a bottle of wine and take aim to throw it also at security.

The man used a chair as a defense mechanism to “evade” security; which is when the owner of TomTom, too, got involved.

At the end of the day, the man was kicked out after being stopped and subsequently carried away by security, per the outlet.