‘Violation Of Society’s Moral Values’: Realtor Arrested For Selling Apartment To Dog

One realtor is in the dog house for selling a house to a dog.

The Iranian realtor was arrested following a viral internet video in which he apparently sold an apartment to a dog, according to The Jerusalem Post. Iranian authorities arrested the individual for normalizing immoral behavior, per the outlet’s report.

The viral video shows the agent selling the canine an apartment, making it official by wetting the dog’s paw with ink and stamping it on the documentation. (RELATED: ‘New World Order:’ International Coalition Led By China, Russia Admits Six New Members)

But the dog, Chester, would never get the chance to settle into his new digs. Instead, police have arrested the man who made the sale and shut down his real estate agency. According to Iran’s deputy prosecutor general Reza Tabar, selling any kind of domicile to a dog serves to “normalize the violation of society’s moral values.”

Apparently, owning a dog in Iran is frowned upon. Islam views dogs as unclean animals, it is considered disgraceful to allow one to live within one’s home.

There is no law prohibiting individuals from owning dogs, but it is looked down on by conservative Iranians, according to The Times of Israel, though upper-class Iranians increasingly keep dogs as pets, the outlet claims.