‘Weekend At Bernie’s’ Screenwriter Dead At 81

Robert Klane, the screenwriter of “Weekend at Bernie’s,” died at the age of 81 on Aug. 29 in his Woodland Hills, California, home, his family told Variety.

“Klane’s satirical and daring writing pushed the boundaries of good taste, while depicting the unfairness of life through themes of sex, family, madness and death,” Klane’s son, Jon, said in a statement to Variety.

Klane’s cause of death was kidney failure, Variety reported. (RELATED: Jimmy Buffett Dead At 76)

Klane’s claim to fame was his dark comedy screenplays, especially 1989’s “Weekend at Bernie’s” and its 1993 sequel, “Weekend at Bernie’s II.” He was also known for the 1970 film “Where’s Poppa?” based on a novel he wrote of the same name. His other works include “Every Little Crook and Nanny,” “Unfaithfully Yours,” “The Man With One Red Shoe,” “Walk Like A Man,” “Folks!,” and “National Lampoon’s European Vacation.”

“Bob had a brilliant comedy mind that went deeper and deeper to get to the truth. Most people have a censor in their minds and know how far they can go. Bob didn’t have a censor. That’s what made him great and set him apart. He was fearless,” Rob Reiner, who appeared in “Where’s Papa?” said, according to Variety.

Klane wrote novels beyond “Where’s Papa?” which he adapted into a film. His first novel, “The Horse Is Dead,” was published by Random House in 1967. His 1975 novel “Fire Sale” was also adapted into a 1977 comedy film starring Alan Arkin.

The screenwriter wrote for television as well, including for shows like “M*A*S*H” and “Tracy Takes on…”

Klane is survived by his wife, J.C. Scott, his brother, Larry, his sons, David and Jon, his daughter, Caitlin, and five grandchildren, the outlet noted.