Rihanna Shares Rare First Pics Of Newborn Son After Quiet Pregnancy

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have officially introduced their newborn son Riot Rose to the world by releasing a series of photos to Instagram on Tuesday.

Vanity Fair featured the growing family in a spread of photographs, and celebrity photographer Miles Diggs posted some to social media, too. The candid images showcased Riot Rose and the couple’s first born child RZA, who is now 16 months old.

In one of the photographs, Rihanna is seen holding baby Riot while A$AP Rocky has RZA on his shoulder. This is the first photograph of them as a family of four that has been released to the public. RZA was dressed in FENTY x Puma Avanti and rocked a mini-leather jacket.

Another image showed Rihanna leaning against a car while Rocky held baby Riot Rose in her arms.

Another photo shows Riot lying on a blanket while they leaned over him, and the baby, dressed all in pink, fixated his gaze on his mom. (RELATED: Whitney Cummings Reveals Her Pregnancy)

The final photograph is more of a close-up and shows Rihanna holding up Riot so the world can see all his adorable facial features with clarity.

“It’s a family affair. Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have shared new images of their sons RZA and Riot Rose. The couple welcomed their second child in August. See more images at the link in bio,” Vanity Fair posted in their caption.

Baby Riot was born August 1st and has now officially arrived on the scene alongside his very famous parents.