Fans Slam Star Rapper’s Wife For Apparently Smoking Weed And Drinking While Pregnant

Fans slammed Chrisean Rock and the father of her unborn child, rapper Blueface, after Rock posted a video of herself blazing while pregnant.

The video clip was posted to social media and shows Rock taking a pull from a doob while engaged in a mild disagreement with Blueface. The scenes were being filmed for the couples’ reality television show “Crazy in Love,” but there was very little love left for the pregnant artist after this post went up. Fans immediately slammed Rock for having no regard for the safety of her unborn child.

Rock faced immediate backlash after fans reacted to watching her inhale marijuana as she sat surrounded by a puff of smoke, all while pregnant with her unborn child. The video shows Rock sitting in the kitchen casually puffing away, seemingly unaware that she was endangering the health of her baby.

Blueface didn’t seem to be put off by the fact that she was puffing away while carrying her child. Instead, the rapper continued to argue with Rock about money and the extent of her earnings.

The internet quickly took aim at Rock, with many fans accusing her of already being an “unfit mother” by knowingly smoking when she knew it could damage her baby.

As fans argued amongst themselves, Blueface and Chrisean were able to squash their immediate differences to attend Jason Lee’s birthday party Sunday night in Los Angeles.

Some fans called for Child Protective Services to be called in and trolled Rock for being “disgusting” and “abusive.” (RELATED: ‘There’s Booty Cheeks In Here’: Famous Rapper Blueface Asks 6-Year-Old If He’s Gay After The Boy Ignores Strippers)

A few supportive fans did rise to her defense, noting that they didn’t believe smoking pot would harm an unborn baby.

Neither Blueface nor Rock has directly responded to the backlash.